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Costa Mesa Road Vlog

We recently played a show with touring artist ‘Skyler Lutes‘ in Costa Mesa that made for an epic night of good vibes and reggae jams.  Seth thought he forgot his amp cables right when sound check came around. So he had to make a last minute trip to Guitar Center.  Nonetheless we were able to play the show with no hiccups at all.


Earlier in the day we caught a skimboard session at the beach due to the ankle high waves and visited a local coffee shop with some amazingly friendly baristas.  Huntington is a nice break from LA, giving us a chance to breathe a little from the hustle and bustle and experience something a little more mellow and laid back.

The show went great.  Skyler and the members of his band were as nice as can be.  We snapped a pic and wished them farewell on their 2 week journey for the rest of their tour.


It’s a blast to play with other groups that have a positive attitude towards their pursuit.  It rubs off and affects everything around in a unique way.  Most of the time in a a way that the person has no idea about.  We make a huge impact on everyone we come in contact with and hardly notice it at all.

One of the best things we feel we can do to help others is to share what we love to do.  Growing up it was what we were most passionate about as kids.  Seeing a live show, being entranced by an artist performing.  It affected us more than that artist or band could’ve ever known at the present moment.   It’s not necessarily what we’re thinking all the time, but it would sure be rad for just 1 kid to experience that with our music.  Here’s to every new Strange Brew song to come.