the strange brew

Strange Brew Music – The Early Days

Strange Brew Music originated from a small home studio in Sherman Oaks, CA.  To explain a little about how we all came together, this video shows the beginning days of getting together and making music.  It wasn’t easy by any means… traveling across the country, dealing with horrible jobs, tickets, impoundments, and close call situations with crazy people.  But we’d do it all over again the same if we could.

Busking in Venice Beach is probably the greatest thing you can do for your artistry.  Putting yourself out there in front of a bunch of strangers and seeing if anyone cares at all.  At first we started with an acoustic, no amplification whatsoever.  Then, after a couple months of saving, we bought a long cycle battery, converter, and a JBL PA.  Fortunately Seth was able to get at a good price.


Once we found a formidable spot to set up or newly attained gear we were immediately kicked out from local neighbors.  “No bands allowed here.  Only merchants.”  So we moved down a ways on the boardwalk where there were no neighbors directly across from us.  We started getting into our groove after the first couple songs.  Passer-bys would stay for a little while, hear the music, and leave a tip if they were feeling generous.  Thus began the start of Strange Brew.


Our first show took place at Republic of Pie coffee shop.  If anyone has ever done something artistic in LA, they know of this place.  “We wanted to ease into performing organically, instead of just turning our amps to ‘9’ and getting too ahead of ourselves.”  After the acoustic shows and a year later, we ended up packing out the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard for our Single release show.