strange brew

Catch A Feeling – Single Release

Our single titled, “Catch A Feeling” is available on all streaming services and couldn’t be more excited about it.  Stream now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and everywhere music is sold.   The single was mixed by Niko & Rob, our go to engineers for the Strange Brew band.  They are an engineering duo based out of Miami, FL that have also worked with some of our favorite bands. Furthermore, we want to give a huge…
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the strange brew

Strange Brew Music – The Early Days

Strange Brew Music originated from a small home studio in Sherman Oaks, CA.  To explain a little about how we all came together, this video shows the beginning days of getting together and making music.  It wasn’t easy by any means… traveling across the country, dealing with horrible jobs, tickets, impoundments, and close call situations with crazy people.  But we’d do it all over again the same if we could. Busking in Venice Beach is…
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strange brew song

Costa Mesa Road Vlog

We recently played a show with touring artist ‘Skyler Lutes‘ in Costa Mesa that made for an epic night of good vibes and reggae jams.  Seth thought he forgot his amp cables right when sound check came around. So he had to make a last minute trip to Guitar Center.  Nonetheless we were able to play the show with no hiccups at all. A STRANGE BREW SONG Earlier in the day we caught a skimboard…
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