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live reggae musicLIVE REGGAE MUSIC

It would’ve been too slim for you to call it a chance.  It’s been said that most collaborations that end up like this were always destined in the first place.  The fact that Strange Brew is together is nothing short of “crazy”.  Each member was on completely opposite ends of the country 3 years ago.  Scattered about like they were, they all had the intention of performing and making a mark towards achieving something special.


2 producers that saw the potential recruited strangers in California to pursue this project.  Seth had 1 conversation with Ethan over the phone.  1 month later Ethan showed up in his van and said, “Let’s make this happen”.  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months.  Ideas turned into songs, songs turned into 2 albums worth of a 3 hour set of live reggae music.  And the boys were on their way.